D&E Financing is looking to expand and we need your help!


Here is what we are offering to qualified Loan Officers:

Excellent Processing and origination support.  The number one complaint in the industry is poor processing.  That's why at D&E Financing, one of the principles supervises all of the processing.  We believe that each and every loan that passes through our door is important; so we don't contract out our loan processing.  We understand that acquiring new clients is difficult enough; Loan Officers should not have to worry about the processing of their loans.  With the enormous changes in the mortgage industry over the past several years, a properly structured loan submission can make the difference between a loan decline and having an underwriter call and work with us to obtain an approval.  We assist our Loan Officers in forging life-long relationships with their clients and those who refer them business.  This is achieved, in part, by providing the peace of mind that comes from their loans closing as smoothly as possible... Loan Officers should be originating, not worrying about processing.

Reputation. We have spent years developing relationships with our investors. Having this rapport with everyone from the setup person to the Vice President of Operations allows us to place even the most difficult to qualify borrower. Most importantly, our Loan Officers have access to the industry-experienced owners of the company. We are always available to assist you in finding a program that best suits the needs of your client.

Competitive compensation.  Why pay desk fees or receive low splits?  Some brokers may pay a higher split... However, discount / flat broker fees are usually accompanied with "discount" service.  We provide the highest level of support to our Loan Officers.  We help you make the transition to our company by sending out postcards to all of your contacts to inform them of your move.  We also make available ongoing training for all of our employees as well as supply a personalized web presence for the Loan Officer.

Teambuilding Potential.  We offer you the ability to build your own team.  Bring on board as many or as few loan officers as you want.  We can even provide your own team processor.  Spend a small amount of your time supervising your team members and receive a commission check on each of their loans for as long as the ‘team member’ Loan Officer works for D&E Financing (even if they leave your team!) Learn More About Teambuilding>>>

If you are interested in learning more about a career with D&E Financing or have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Kevin Daichendt directly at 602-957-9490 x101 or click HERE to get in contact with us.  Also, please remember to let us know who referred you to us, so that we can personally thank them for their help in growing our company.

Thanks in advance,

Kevin Daichendt
Broker / managing member

Phone: 602.957.9490 x101